Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Using Validator as a Label

Occasionally, we have several validation logic and for some of them we use the validators ASP.NET provides and for some of them we may want to write our own code and have a label displaying the error message. As we know, a validator control has a label to display its error message. By using the validator's label, we can save a label control and more importantly, it may be easier for the layout. (This may not be a good practice since we are letting the validator doing some work it is not supposed to do. I want to log it anyway since sometimes this can be handy)

In our own logic, if we want to use the RequireFieldsValidator's (rfvVersion) build-in label to display our custom error message, we can write:

rfvVersion.IsValid = false;
rfvVersion.Text = "Incorrect Format";
rfvVersion.Enabled = true;

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