Monday, November 26, 2007

Be Careful of Naming

Sometimes bad naming may cause compile errors.

I named a managed enum "Event" (__value enum Event) inside a managed class "SopExt" (__gc class SopExt). In this class, I had a private field whose type is the managed enum "Event" and a pair of getter/setter of it. Later, I found that the compiler sometimes had trouble to recognize the expression like this: "sopExt->Event". The compiler sometimes also didn't recognize the type "SopExt::Event".

Obviously, neither expression is wrong. But apperently, the name of the managed enum "Event" is not a good name. Just by changing "Event" to "StreamEvent" (without even changing the name of getter/setter), the compiler error is gone. The reason that caused the compiler error is not clear. It might be that the name "Event" is too general so it confused the compiler? Anyway, good naming is a very important element in programming.

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